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> Fire-fighting pump
> Clean water pump
> Submerged motor pump
> Chemical industry pump
> 全国工业产品生产许可证
> 工程建设推荐产品证书
> ISO9001国际质量体系认证
> “重合同守信用”单位
> 合同信用等级认定证书
Fire-fighting pump
> XBC系列柴油机消防泵组系列一
> XBC系列柴油机消防泵组系列二
> XBC系列柴油机消防泵组系列三
Fire Pump
> XBD-L型立式单级消防泵
> XBD-W型卧式单级消防泵
> XBD-L型立式多级消防泵
  石油与化工 建筑工程 石化 石油与化工 建筑工程 污水处理
About US
  A high-tech business enterprise, foot of department of manufacturing limited company of second pump industry of Shanghai,face to the whole nalion,and is a profession to research to manufacture various water the production company that pump,and own the ISO9001 quantity attestation the system management the leave and excellent production equipments and perfect examination means,and concentrate on to pursue the "new,stanza,prison,all",continue to have the honor of acquiring in recent years"heavy contract
Clean water pump
> NYL型立式管道离心泵
> SLB型立式便拆式单级双吸泵
> SPG型屏蔽管道泵
深化改革与创新再造业内优化改革与创新“天泵”再造业内优势  更多
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